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HIPAA Audits Breaches CCPA GDPR

"Coherence In Compliance"

Explaining the PrivacyLabs Motto

Most organizations are keenly aware of the importance trust and transparency play with matters related to privacy, IT security and third-party risk. However, it can be difficult to know what laws are applicable and how existing technology can be leveraged to ensure your organization remains trustworthy and responsible in the eyes of those who matter most.

PrivacyLabs approaches all GRC areas simultaneously by leveraging professionals who understand them as a holistic ecosystem. There is no better way to bring your organization to an efficient and defensible place of trust.

What We Do

An overview of the solutions we offer

Privacy Law Compliance

GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and all other state, national and international regulations.

Data Breaches and Leaks

Incident Prevention, Response and Remediation

Third-Party Risk Assesment


Assessments of risk vendors and others bring to your overall compliance framework.

GRC/Technology Audits

We assist internal teams and provide external auditing services.

Why You Should Trust Us

Paul Starrett, Founder of PrivacyLabs, brings a philosophy of focusing on a holistic path to your trusted data-compliance efforts. He has an unrivaled, unique sweet-spot of talent spanning legal and technical domains to guide PrivacyLabs. Paul has held positions as Chief Risk Officer of an international, publicly-traded data-management company, as an information-security software engineer and as a data scientist.

He maintains reputable certifications in computer forensics and fraud as well as One Trust’s(™) Fellow of Privacy. His education includes attainment of a law degree, a master’s of science in data science from Northwestern University and completion of courses for the AWS Certified Security Professional and AWS Certified Developer.

With this breadth and depth of experience, he guides PrivacyLabs in a way that optimizes an efficient, defensible and competent perspective to your existing needs. You can read more about Paul and his industry experience on our About Page.