How it Works

First, we offer PrivacyLabs’ Security Marketplace where you are free to review a broad spectrum of providers within a comprehensive set of categories. You will be able to research and compare providers, explore integrations and balance your needs all without the pressure of biased sales professionals and without the confusion of getting lost in voluminous and poorly organized search-engine results Read more…

However, if you require a little guidance or a more complete consultative approach, we offer PrivacyLabs’ Concierge. You can focus on what you do best and let us help you find that sweet spot that lets you sleep better and reassures your customers that you engage in trusted business practices Read more…

For Security Professionals

Security Concierge

So you’ve been to our Security Marketplace and you feel you need a little help. Or, you may be starting your journey and would like to rely on our expertise to a level where you feel comfortable. In either case, you are in good company, and you are in good hands. Here are ways that we can help you. 

Provider Selection

Selecting the right product or provider can be a daunting experience. Not only must you understand the technical jargon, you must understand how it fits into your current needs. We can walk you through the process of understanding the technical stuff and align just the right provider for your needs in ways that you will understand. You should be in control of your path and that is our top priority. 

Integration Support

Often, more than one product or provider will bring you the most beneficial result. FInding the most efficient products aligned with just the right combination of other products and services will bring you the greatest ROI. We assist in this process of finding that sweet spot of a trusted business posture. 

Insurance and assurances

Are you risk averse? Aren’t we all. Well, if you really want assurances, we are partnered with errors and omissions, malpractice and breach of contract insurance providers. When you truly need to boil everything down to the almighty dollar, these insurance products help bring up the rear! Ask us how!


PrivacyLabs prides itself on our ability to see the big picture - to bring all component parts into one synergistic solution. 

Risk Analysis

Risk analysis is the process of combining those component parts into a symbiotic whole. Modernly, that process of weighing the risk of threats with the cost of solutions has been akin to herding cats. How does one assemble all threats and risks, determine how they interact with each other and then bring the right products and services to bear into a coherent place? With the right team. Let us understand your big picture and explain how we can bring you in for a landing. 

Legal Teams

Often times risk to an organization results from fines, sanctions and legal judgments. Risk analysis in this context requires the involvement of an attorney. While PrivacyLabs is not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice, we do have access to legal counsel who focus in areas where we offer consulting services. 

Paul Starrett, our fearless (or was it fearful?) leader, is a licensed attorney and may help liaise and project manage with and for attorneys to cinch up this critical facet of your risk posture. 

* PrivacyLabs is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. We support legal counsel with legal services guided by the advice of a licensed attorney. Paul Starrett is a licensed attorney but will only offer legal advice by way of his law firm; any legal advice from him must begin separately and apart from PrivacyLabs.

For Products and Services Companies

Are you a provider who offers services or products relevant to our Security Marketplace? Please review our Store for a quick tour of what we offer, the categories we provide and the ways in which you might expand your offerings. Please contact us at to inquire about how this works, how to get listed and how we can work together. We would love to have you!

Provider Tiers

We use a series of tiers to help differentiate product certainties. Each tier provides a context for a potential product ranging from industry standard* to known company. the tiering system provides clarity on product differentiation.


We reserve the gold tier for entities who have exceeded all expectations and delivered a significant and measurable impact on industry. We have to believe that the impact is and was crucial to the value of the industry that they are recommended for all security stacks. We also reserve the right to use this tier to give special honor to those who have contributed significantly to industry, whether that be through open source contribution or building innovative products. This is a merit based award and not a paid tier.


Purple tier is for companies who purchase premium features and capabilities, such as animated content, interactive demos, or other marketing to differentiate from competition on the marketplace. Purple Tier also has a more stringent process within PrivacyLabs, such as additional checks for integrations, dedicated support and account managers, and the most up to date information. The guarantee of service is bought for you with products and services of this tier.


Blue tier is for products or services which can demonstrate a level of competency and vetting. This tier unlocks services such as the integration insurance or bond, email support, and a reliable relationship between our team and company sales contact.


Green tier providers are the basic level of PrivacyLabs providers. We use the green tier to distinguish known providers who have a contact channel with PrivacyLabs, for updating information about their product pages, closing the loop on introducing interested clients, and basic agreements. We recommend this tier as the lowest tier for selecting a provider, as this tier is the minimum for establishing connection.


Grey tier is for known unknowns. We would like to provide a comprehensive experience to as to the state of the security market, and as we discover new providers and products/services or references of integration from other products and services, we will add a placeholder. If selected, PrivacyLabs will reach out and try to find contact to connect with the company and promote to a green tier if possible. There are no assurances of being able to connect to the providers listed in the grey category, and all information about the product or service is circumstantial and informational. If you represent an entity listed as grey, please reach out to PrivacyLabs to promote your product or service to green tier!